Clean Juicing with Green Works!

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Presidential nominations aren’t the only things getting dirty around here lately (helloooo, Donald Trump! and goodbye, please). If we could all just forget the political circus act for a second and focus on real, hard news, we’d all realize pretty quickly what I’m talking about: yes, it’s the big Mess with a capital M sitting in your kitchen right. Now. 

Okay, so maybe I’m projecting a little bit here. When I’m home for the holidays, my mom is always going on about my inability to keep anything clean: the dishes, the utensils, the countertops. Especially the countertops. And the utensils. And okay, the dishes, too.

Well, if only she could see my shiny clean countertops now. Muahahahaha! Ha…yeah…..

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It’s rare for somebody like me to find cleaning products that I REALLY love. I’m impatient, do things in a rush, and have been so utterly trained to avoid any potentially “harsh” chemical cleaners out there that more often than not, I’ll swipe a napkin over the counters and run for the hills before anyone can call me back to clean them properly.

The hiiiiiiills are alive, with the sound of–oh, okay Mom. I’m back. Shoot. Fiiine.

With the recent reintroduction of my juicer to my kitchen, however–and hooray for admirable self-care goals!–cleaning has been a major, major issue. Fruit juices are drippy, sticky, and ubiquitous, meaning that they’ll cling for dear life on basically any surface on which you do not want them to be.

This is the point at which my heart’s ballad for Green Works‘ newest cleaner, the Pump ‘n Clean, comes in. I was SO excited to learn about it because, as it turns out, it hits everything on my checklist for cleaners: it’s quick, easy, and made with naturally-derived plant & mineral-based products that actually make me kind of excited to have company over in my kitchen again, even after a juicing morning. (Just make sure you don’t use it with raw fish or meat!)

Once I got over the excitement of the “pump” mechanism (I swear, it’s as addicting as popping the bubbles in bubble wrap), I actually got to put the cleaner to the test. I was making juice on the same afternoon, so I pulled out my cutting board, tossed all of the produce I had on hand onto it–strawberries, apples, whole carrots, and spinach–and began chopping merrily away!

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Lo and behold, within about 5 seconds flat I had squirted fruit juice all over the countertop and my knife handle…so…



carry on, soldiers, nothing to see here–


I did it again. And then I did the actual juicing and got juice on the countertops…

pump, swipe! never fear! Rome wasn’t built in a day, folks! Hiyah!

Juice-GreenWorks 6--070515

As you can tell, my trial run with Green Works was a total and kind of hilariously fun blast (yay me partyyy)–and in the intervening week-and-a-half since I bought my first bottle of Pump ‘N Clean, I’ve pretty much been using it at every kitchen prep session, so I’m definitely a fan.

I picked up my Pump ‘N Clean in the natural cleaning section of Target, at which point I ooh’d and aah’d over all the other Green Works products before I caved in and bought their all-purpose spray cleaner, too. So you know, that aisle is totally worth paying a visit on your next trip (especially since Target’s the only store that carries the whole range of Green Works stuff)!

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Below, I’m sharing the juice recipe I used for my inaugural run of Green Works’ Pump ‘N Clean: but you can mix & match any combo of fresh veggies and fruits in your juicer that works for you! For even more cleaning fun from now until July 11th, you can even use the Target Cartwheel app to save 10% on all varieties of Green Works products (including Pump ‘N Clean). Cheers for clean, green, and lean on the wallet! That’s my kinda countertop solution.

Mom, are you reading this? <3 haha

Juice-GreenWorks 11--070515

What’s your favorite cleaning tip? Let me know (might as well go whole hog on this one, right?)!


Clean Juicing with GreenWorks!


  • 3 whole carrots
  • 1 medium apple
  • 10 strawberries
  • 3 handfuls baby spinach


  1. Wash all of your fruits and veggies thoroughly. Cut them on a chopping board, using a dish towel or sponge [with GreenWorks' Pump 'N Clean, if you have it] in between to wipe off your knife! (Yes, it's natural and safe!)
  2. Juice according to manufacturer's instructions. Add an ice cube and enjoy with a straw!



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  1. Believe it or not, I have never actually juiced anything. I clearly need to get started though because this recipe looks awesome! Thanks for sharing! #client

  2. You are inspiring me to try juicing! Just those gorgeous pictures of the pre-juiced fruits and veggies alone are tempting. Looks so fresh and healthy. 🙂

  3. Oh, I can totally relate to the constant messy counters! I seem to be at Target all the times, so will check out these terrific cleaning products!

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