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Pina Colookies (with a Cheesecake Surprise!)

Wait. Back up. Why didn’t anyone warn me about this movie?

You know, the whole Ohana means family and family means nobody gets left behind and a freakin cute-as-heck blue mutant pet learns to love one?

Yeah. Talk about a bawl-fest at my crib last night.

My friend and I had a Disney movie marathon last night. A pack of tissues may have been lethally wounded over the course of the evening. The event might have involved the unleashing of an entire army of Disney stuffed animals.

Maybe. I’m not fessing up to anything except that we made these adorable Mickey Mouse pumpkin pancakes to celebrate:

We also might have had delicious food that my friend made for us. Again, whether or not I own something as embarrassing as stuffed Disney paraphernalia, I’ll let you decide.

As you can tell, I plead the fifth on that count. No self-incrimination here.

There may have been a tad more guilt involved in the making of this amazing amalgamation, which was entirely in keeping with the theme of Stitch’s rather mutant, unknown history. And really, what better way to celebrate a fictional account of an alien apocalypse in Hawaii than to make a fun, tropics-themed dessert?

If you didn’t already know, this stuffed cookie was inspired by the challenge Julie is hosting over at Willow Bird Baking. As you’re no doubt aware, she’s a fantastic gal and it’s always a pleasure creating things she’ll happily share!

The only problem with rewatching Disney films that you haven’t seen since you were about yay high (imagine me Lilo-sized–not that I’ve really grown since the fifth grade) is that you pick up on so much more that you never noticed the first time.

Crying during the ohana scenes. Check.

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