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Hi there! I’m Ala–welcome to my blog. I can’t wait to meet you so do say hullo 🙂

Meet Ala 1

So who’s Ala?

I’m a zany, slightly goofy English grad student from sunny Cali. I’m always up to all sorts of random stuff, from hosting Disney movie singalongs to writing short picture stories and nomming peanut-dipped chocolate waffle cones filled with a double scoop of cookie dough ice cream. I specialize in and teach children’s literature–yes, it’s a thing–which means I spend a lot of my time buried nose-deep in childhood favs like Alice in Wonderland and Dr. Seuss. When I’m not busy scouring the dark thickets of the Forbidden Forest (FIFTY POINTS TO YOU if you got that reference), I’m out for a long run/swim, feasting off the crispy burnt rice that gets stuck to the bottom of your rice cooker, or making up pretentious-sounding words like “verbify” and “dissertate” to use in my next conversation.

And what about blogging?

As my parents say: it was an accident. Whoops! I started blogging in July 2012, back when I began planning lessons for my first ever New Media class. Being the naive little bugger I was, I thought, Why not blog? That looks easy! So that night I opened a free account, slapped on an overexposed photo of Strawberry Coffee Cake, and thus Wallflour Girl the Blog of Anticlimax was born. Today, my goal is to share a wide variety ofsweet recipes, most of them baked but all of them featuring only the best friend-tested flavors, addicting mix-ins, and innovative pairings I’ve developed. Since those two years have passed, I have also designed my own small site; opened an Etsy shop where I sell my branded treats to folks all around; found a writing voice that makes me mortifyingly excited every time I sit down to type; and met the most incredible cast of bloggers and readers who have changed my outlok forever. Long story short: thank you for sharing this space with me!

Edible Book Festival 3

What does Walflour Girl mean?

I chose this blog name because, even though I’m an extrovert at first glance, I tend to get shy in large groups and find that I express myself best when I’m tucked away safely behind a screen, writing, or in my kitchen, baking. This blog represents the best of both those worlds!

Anything else, you long-winded old fart?

If you’ve spent any amount of time here, you’ll know I like to write and I don’t take myself very seriously. For more fabulous answers to even more fabulous questions I get from my readers, why not pop over to my FAQ (coming soon)? However, if you’re looking for more “About Me” stuff as promised, here’s a quick breakdown. Enjoy!

 Foods I Adore:                          Foods I Dislike:                             Things I’d Bring to A Desert Island

1. Ice cream                                             1. Tuna                                                            1. Dessert (get it?)

2. Peanut butter                                      2. Banana (room temperature)                 2. My camera

3. Tofu                                                      3. Avocado                                                     3. The Harry Potter series

4. Hummus                                             4. Curry (except brown)                              4. Adorable hypoallergenic dog

5. Cheesecake                                         5. Pungent Spices                                          5. A major existential crisis

Things That Make Me Smile

1. Everything in “Foods I Adore”

2. Buying the last jar of Cookie Butter

3. Parents who play soccer w/their kids

4. Rewatching Sailor Moon, Season R

5. People who believe their car windows make them invisible while they pick their noses


Love from,


UNIQUE wedding dresses

a.k.a. The Wallflour Girl


Interested in hearing more chatter? If you’d like to read the 2013 version of my About Me page, you can check out the full story here

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  1. Ala! I’m finally coming over to check out your blog after that awesome comment you left on my last Random Crap post. I’m already in love with you and your blog (does that sound creepy? If so, too bad, lol). Your photos are gorgeous and you have a fabulous, natural, witty voice, which I always appreciate above all else. You’ve got a new fan in me, girl!

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