To Start With: Some Sink-Side Confessions

Okay, I have a few things to admit. That’s what confessions are for, right? So here it is.

Confession #1: Up until maybe yesterday afternoon, when I realized that I would be teaching a full-fledged course on new media this summer, I had never entertained serious ideas about creating a real, as-down-to-earth-as-a-potato (that’s pomme-de-terre, or “apple of the earth” in French for you non-Francophiles) food blog. I started one for myself on blogspot called Simply Scrumdiddlyumptious last year, and since then I’ve spammed my Facebook feed with links to it that received about as much attention as the Backstreet Boys these days (whatever happened to them?). But then again, I wasn’t writing for an audience. I am now. So welcome, dear reader!

Confession #2: I have a voracious appetite for food blogs, real food, food for the eyes, food for thought, and I love writing. You can probably tell how much that last part is true by looking at my amazing ability to keep up parallel structure for an entire sentence. That being said, I don’t profess to be great at writing or a mind-blowing baker–but I do like to do both, and all I can promise is that I’ll try and add a bit of spice (or sugar) whenever I can.

Confession #3: I could really use a house-elf to do the dishes for me. Sink-side confessions or not, I hate cleaning. My roommate probably also hates my hatred for cleaning.

So there you have it. Forget taking everything I do here with a grain of salt–take my advice, and take it all with a spoonful of honey. It tastes a lot sweeter that way.

Happy readings and happy eatings!



2 Replies to “To Start With: Some Sink-Side Confessions”

  1. Hi, I hope you won’t take my comment badly but I think you could choose a better banner picture for your blog. I’m here from bakebakebake and remember some of the comments when you first posted those cupcakes… I’d like to read more but I’m a little put off by the picture! Sorry!!

    1. On the contrary–that’s the very (and I mean *very*) type of feedback I was looking for. I’m still searching through my folders for a good sub, but I’m glad someone brought it up because I went through the same thoughts myself. Hope you aren’t deterred from reading in the meantime, though!

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