My Favorite Thick & Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie

I am so sorry to do this to you. Really, I am.

Favorite Thick and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies 23--021014

If you are reading this post in a public place where licking your computer screen or sprinting out of the room while making inarticulate animal noises of ravenous taste-bud activation are frowned upon, I am so, so sorry. Maybe you should wait until your boss has stepped out of the room or your meeting has ended before you read this.

Or, you know. Don’t.

Favorite Thick and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies 21--021014

These cookies are really, really good. Did the title give it away? I realize as I’m typing this out that all I really want to do is blubber on some more about my upcoming qualifying exam on Friday. I won’t. It’s tempting, but I won’t. You’ll see me on the other side of Friday and if I’m a melting hot mess–well. Instead, I’m going to tell you about the text I got from my friend right after I sent her home with a half dozen of these cookies. 

Favorite Thick and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies 11--021014

I admit, I nearly had a heart attack when I read the first few lines. She wrote:

Just wanna let u know there may be something wrong with ur cookies…”

In my emotionally reeling brain, I could hear the panicked screams of a fire alarm firing off with every neuron and the crash of self-confidence plunging into the icy deeps below. I had sent my friend home with defective chocolate chip cookies from an original recipe I had carefully tested, re-tested, and re-retested. What–HOW?

Favorite Thick and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies 5--021014

Despairing, my eyes quickly scanned the rest of the message for some redemption, an explanation, a giant pterodactyl that had swooped down from the heavens as my friend was walking home and barfed its Jurassic guts on my precious cookies before time-warping away again, something other than that they were a complete disaster:

Just wanna let u know there may be something wrong with ur cookies…I can’t seem to stop eating them! Just finished my last part! All are vanished in less than 2 hours! Simply Delicious!!!!”

Oh. Thank. God.

Favorite Thick and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies 19--021014

So. If I’ve convinced you in no way about my sanity, I hope I’ve at least convinced you that these cookies are everything my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe should be: thick, chewy, soft, and simply delicious. They are also the first step in my diabolical plan to start transforming this blog into a self-sustaining entity. Have you met Miss Pandakins?

Favorite Thick and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies 6--021014

I joked on my Facebook status yesterday that I had a batch of these cookies sitting on my kitchen counter (they have since been claimed, sorry folks!), and that while the cookies were freebies, Miss Pandakins appreciates visits. Yes, that’s a dime she’s grabbing in the photo. She lives in a mechanized money donation box, and my friend bought her so I could start collecting voluntary ‘donations’ for my baked goods and blog. Mandy Pandakins also greets you in Chinese as she takes your money away from you and stashes it in a safe spot for me. How cool is that?

Favorite Thick and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies 8--021014

All joking aside, my inability lately to focus on studying any more has worked in huge favor of my blog. Operating under a self-imposed sentence of complete hermitage until I take my exam (hey, it’s flu season out there!), I’ve been able to really familiarize myself with my new apartment’s lighting, space, and atmosphere throughout the day, so I know the spot by my living room window is best for soft natural sunlight at 1 PM. I’m also loving the whitewashed walls and new white gloss kitchen table–the blank white canvas frees me up to fiddle with more fun text and effects. Dramatic, whimsical, playful text paired with dynamic photographs are fun, don’t you think? How do you like them so far?

Favorite Thick and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies 13--021014

Miss Pandakins is also helping me collect for exciting things such as buying my own domain and revamping the layout of my blog. As Wallflour Girl has begun expanding and dear readers like you make my heart swell with your heart-warming visits, I find myself spending more and more time developing recipes, doing photoshoots, editing photos, and triple-checking everything before hitting that ‘Publish’ button. So thank you for being here!

Favorite Thick and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies 16--021014

I’ve also had more time to actually experiment with my own original recipes like this one, testing and adjusting and retesting and all that jazz. I love it! It’s not all the time that I’m inspired to spend all day in the kitchen, but the Me Time gives me a chance to unwind from studying and really mull over the Bronte sisters as the wafting aroma of warm, fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies peeks over my shoulder.Favorite Thick and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies 26--021014

A ton of research went into the creation of these cookies perfectly chewy, thick cookies. Sally wrote a great article last year about how to achieve the perfect chewy texture we all know and love in our chocolate chip cookies. I’ve made her cookies before and they are delicious. Averie also has a great recipe for soft-baked chocolate chip cookies on her fabulous blog. This time, though, I wanted a cookie that looked a little less underbaked and resembled more the bakery-style chewy thick cookies I used to buy from Safeway I used to buy from Safeway–no, I’m not going to apologize for that statement! Those soft, chewy-only Safeway cookies have a special place in my heart, even though I actually think this recipe is even better.  

Favorite Thick and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies 29--021014

Half-melted butter to keep things chewy and not too spready. Extra extra brown sugar for heft. Two whole teaspoons of cornstarch, no less. Chill chill chill. These cookies are chiller than a polar bear in December. All of these extra-chew ingredients allow you to bake a perfectly chewy chocolate chip cookie without underbaking it too much. And that’s it: I’ve just told you all the secrets to my very favorite thick & chewy chocolate chip cookie recipe. But you’ll still want to Pin, share, print, and bookmark the recipe below!

Favorite Thick and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies 35--021014

If you’ve reached this part of this post and are still at work/school/public place……I am truly sorry. One of these days, somebody will invent the Willy Wonka television or computer screen into which you can reach and grab a real chocolate chip cookie. Until then, though, I hope you’ll count down the minutes until you can dash out of your cube and back to your oven to make these chewy pieces-de-resistance. And I’ll be counting down the hours until the other side of Friday.

Favorite Thick and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies 32--021014

See you on the other side (hopefully) of sanity and a chocolate chip cookie!


My Favorite Thick & Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie

Ever on a quest to find the perfect thick, chewy chocolate chip cookie, this recipe finally hit the ticket. With extra brown sugar, cornstarch, melted butter, and chilling time, this cookie has all the chewy ‘oomph’ and soft bliss of a bakery-style cookie. My friends call this the ‘simply delish!!’ chocolate chip cookie, and we love making our own ice cream sandwiches at home with them!


  • 3/4 cup butter or margarine
  • 1 cup brown sugar (I used dark–light will also work)
  • 1/4 cup white sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 1 egg yolk
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 2 1/4 cups flour
  • 2 teaspoons cornstarch
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon (optional)
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips


  1. In a microwave-safe bowl, heat your butter on HIGH until it is halfway melted. What this means: half of your butter should be pooled into a buttery liquid, while the other half of your butter should be incredibly soft but not quite melted down. (If you accidentally melt your butter all the way, don’t worry! This will also work, but in this case you’ll want to make sure to chill your dough extra well.)
  2. Transfer butter into a large mixing bowl. Add both sugars and beat in until combined.
  3. Mix in egg, egg yolk, and vanilla.
  4. Add flour, cornstarch, baking soda, cinnamon (optional), and salt. Stir into wet ingredients until just incorporated.
  5. Gently fold in chocolate chips.
  6. Chill your dough in the refrigerator for at least 3 hours before baking. Note: I am the world’s most impatient person and have made these cookies after chilling the dough in the freezer for 90 minutes. Whenever possible, though, give your dough a chance to chill until completely firm.
  7. After your dough has chilled: Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Lightly grease a cookie sheet.
  8. Scoop out generous rounds of cookie dough (approximately 3-4 tablespoons). Mound them high rather than wide on your cookie sheet so that when they spread, they will remain nice and thick.
  9. Bake in preheated oven for 8-10 minutes, until outside has just set (light golden brown) but centers appear slightly gooey and underbaked.
  10. Remove from oven and allow cookies to cool on cookie sheet, on the stovetop. They will finish baking up, so make sure you don’t skip this step!
  11. Sink your teeth into these a la Dracula. Enjoy with a cup of milk if you wish.
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  1. I like the new look of your blog! And the cookies, of course. 😉 Glad to see you’re baking and messing with the blog rather than last minute studying. Relaxing before a big event works wonders, IMO. Anyway, really fun post — thanks.

    1. Thanks, John! It’s still tempting to pick up the books once more, but I’m satisfying myself at this point with simply mumbling some questions and answers to myself 😉 thanks for all your well-wishes!

  2. My housemate just started laughing because I was moaning. Asked me if I was looking at food pictures again. They know me so well..

    Good luck on the exam!

    1. HAHA! That sounds just like me. Thank goodness I don’t have a housemate….but no shame! Thanks for the kind wishes and laugh tonight!,

  3. Will have to try this recipe. Chocolate chip cookies are my favorite and these look soo good. Thanks!

    1. Awesome, they’re my fav, too–er, well, duh 😉 thanks, and I hope you do, Cheri!

  4. I just made chocolate chip cookies that are very similar to these! They were sooo good and soft and chewy 🙂

    1. I’m getting cravings all over again just reading your comment–I’m glad I have a CCC proponent, thanks for stopping by, Shiran!

  5. I am OBSESSED with your photos and whimsical font usages. How did I just find your blog! I’m trying to learn how to better use Photoshop in my images but you really are an expert! Any tips?

    1. Wow, thanks, Shikha! I’m really no expert, but it admittedly took hours and hours of just sitting down with my photos and fiddling with text/lighting until I started getting into a comfortable groove with my photostories. Often I saved multiple versions of a single file so I could practice and figure out what looked best, so I guess my best advice would be to give yourself ample time to experiment. A lot of my inspiration comes from simply looking at other blogs whose use of text and composition I love, so if you find photos you like here or elsewhere, don’t be afraid to visit multiple times to get a sense for the blogger’s style and what you love about it 🙂 I also get a lot of inspiration from my [minimal] media/marketing experience (I definitely spent a lot of time beforehand browsing brand name ads to see how they composed their pictures/texts, and tried to figure out what made some more appealing than others to me), so that could be an exercise you find helpful to discover your editing ‘style.’ I found that a combination of whimsy and boldness fit my storytelling style best, but it took a good number of posts for my photos to reflect that. Good luck with your Photoshop endeavors–I hope this helps, and I’d love to see how you incorporate them into your blog!

  6. Okay let’s indulge me for a second and talk about what I love:

    1. The photo with the cookie and the words spilling out.
    2. The font with the orange circles (SO CUTE!)
    3. THESE COOKIES. Luckily my office mate was gone by the time I read this so I wasn’t drooling in front of anyone 😉

    1. Haha! I’m glad your coworker left just in the nick of time. You’re right on the money–that photo with the spilling words was my favorite to tinker with, Erika <3 The tipped-over bucket just seemed to scream for spilling words, don't you think?

  7. Damn, I think your cookies are killing me by only being on the screen! I feel like I need to eat one asap 😛
    Thanks for visiting my blog, I am loving yours!

    Choc Chip Uru

    1. Hee, tell me about it–I was getting craving pangs just having to scroll past the photos to reply to your comment; these cookies certainly stick in the taste buds. Thanks for returning the visit, and I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself!

  8. Can you tell me how manny cookies this batch makes? Thanks!

    1. It yields about 2 dozen medium cookies for me, Amy!

  9. I would love to buy some of your ready made batches of chocolate chip cookies please. So many other picture perfect pastries you have up here I wish to try also, when and if you decide to make them, I will buy two dozen at a time – for myself only. Thank You.

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