Life Updates and a KIND Snacks Giveaway

This giveaway is sponsored by KIND Snacks. I received a sample box for review purposes but was not financially compensated for this post. And as always, these opinions are 110% my own!

A billion and one things have been all kinds of crazy here lately. Can you tell?

KIND Snacks Review and Giveaway 3--081514

No, perhaps not–but it’s been all sorts of insanity! This is my utterly grateful recovery post. This month has been one green light to the next, racking up my traveling miles and teleporting from one zany distance to the next. At one point, I even coughed up a whopping $40 for an Uber trip that got me nothing but terrible traffic and one ballsy driver who asked me if I was single–and get this, he asked me in the first 15 minutes of our trip while I was sitting in the front seat. 

Moral of the story: never sit in the front seat while riding a taxi service, no matter how casual it seems.

Moral #2: 6 miles never feels longer than when you are awkwardly stuck in an enclosed vehicle with a stranger who wants to know your relationship status right off the bat.

KIND Snacks Review and Giveaway 2--081514

And that, my friends, is why I am so glad THESE came. I now dub thee “Sanity Keeper Bars,” a.k.a. KIND Snacks. Raise your hand if you love ’em as much as I do!

KIND Snacks Review and Giveaway 10--081514

When the wonderful rep K got in touch with me about sampling, reviewing, and giving away KIND bars on my blog, I jumped three feet in the air and immediately tagged in. I’d consumed plenty of KIND bars before the sampler box, but mostly on campus where the vending machine selection is limited to Almond Cranberry (a very good choice–but by no means a gateway to the snackers’ haven that I was about to receive).

And I couldn’t have asked for better timing: what with one of the most insanely pressing, time-crunched months this year, and several unexpected events to shake things up in my personal life, I can hardly find time to haul myself into the kitchen these days (sorry, abandoned oven!), much less prep something satisfying for myself to gnaw on.

KIND Snacks Review and Giveaway 11--081514 KIND Snacks Review and Giveaway 5--081514

Luckily, that’s where this box kicked in! K from KIND sent me an awesome sample: 3 huge packs of granola, a handful of snack squares, and a variety of about 8 assorted bars in every flavor I had wanted to try. #starvinggradstudent’s paradise? I think so.

KIND Snacks Review and Giveaway 6--081514

I polished off the majority of these snacks on my post-run, pre-work days, when I needed to refuel but didn’t have time for any sort of fancy knifework or yogurt-spooning. And let me tell you know: they are such a treat after a workout! I’m supposed to be working towards my very first half-marathon at the end of this month (haven’t ran outdoors since mid-July though, oops…) and these bars are helping me stay in tip-top shape. Or so I’d gladly believe! They are, however, definitely keeping me and my on-the-go lifestyle sane. So what’s the verdict, you ask?

KIND Snacks Review and Giveaway 8--081514

Well, while I loved every single bar that came my way, my Top Three Favorite Sampled KIND Bars were…

#3: Almond and Coconut

It tasted like Hawaii had up and thrown a party in my mouth. Uh-may-zing! This is probably the bar I could eat most frequently without ever getting tired of it. It’s just light & refreshing enough with a sweet zap of coconut flavor to brighten up my day after a workout!

KIND Snacks Review and Giveaway 7--081514

#2: Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt

I have been obsessed with salty&sweet lately, so it’s no surprise I fell for these bars right away–and fell hard. By the time I’d finished this bar (in about 7.25 seconds, mind you), I was gnawing on my fingers trying to imagine that there was still more of this bar left for consumption. So yeah, I loved the dark chocolate and sea salt combo loads! And finally…

KIND Snacks Review and Giveaway 4--081514

#1: Caramel Almond and Sea Salt

Did I mention I love sea salt? No, but seriously. If you are at all a fan of salted caramel, you will love this bar. In other words, I am asking you here and now if you are a human being. Because salted caramel, folks. Please do not try and convince me that it could be anything other than a GREAT BAR.

KIND Snacks Review and Giveaway 9--081514

So while I step aside and attempt to recover from these past few cray-cray weeks (thankfully, I still have quite a bit of granola left with which to nourish myself–hooray!), I’m going to let you enter for a giveaway from KIND Snacks. Eight delicious bars could be headed to your doorstep within the week: just make sure you do all these easy entries for your chance to win!

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31 Replies to “Life Updates and a KIND Snacks Giveaway”

  1. How annoying is that taxi driver? I know, Ala. I have encountered so much before. I am a friendly person so I don’t mind talking to anyone. But when a taxi driver asked me if I am single and things of that sort, I strated to keep my mouth shut every time I am inside a taxi. Ugh!

    Anywaym these KIND bars look so good. I’d take the dark chocolate mocha almond. All my favorites are there. 😛

    1. Erk–I’m sorry to hear that the same thing has happened to you, Jhuls! Seriously–I don’t know why they think it’s okay at all. But thanks for sharing; it’s still nice to know I’m not alone in this feeling! Have a great week!!

  2. The maple bar with pumpkin seeds sounds amazing!

  3. Always the back seat for taxi service. Just a good rule. 😉 I haven’t heard of Kind bars — sound interesting. Fun post — thanks.

    1. Yes, I just wasn’t aware it was meant to operate like a taxi! And you would love these bars, John–so many fresh ingredients to love!

  4. Pheww that sounds like an awkward cab drive!! Sorry the weeks have been cray. But glad to hear you will be recovering soon 🙂 These snacks seem appropriate fro my grad student life. No kidding. I will love to get into that caramel sea salt bag right now.

    1. Omgosh Zainab, right?! We MUST have more of these for le grad student lifestyle. Good luck to us! Oh and I’ll send you that email really soon, pinky swear!

  5. Great giveaway, kind bars are so awesome!!

    1. I’m glad I’m not the only fan in the house–good luck, Megan!

  6. I’m most excited to try the Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter flavor.

    1. Excellent choice, if I say so myself 😉 good luck, Dandi!

  7. I want to try the Almond & Coconut! <3

    1. GREAT choice–good luck, Jen!

  8. I like the honey smoked bbq

  9. A little too creepy to even be flattering! What a fun giveaway! Good luck to everyone!!!!

    P.S. I have a couple names for you and have asked for any suggestions on a couple of my FB boards to see if anyone else can help.

    1. I can’t say it enough: you are such a diamond in the rough, dearest Liz. We totally need to chat at some point. Thank you!!

  10. dark chocolate and PB

  11. I cannot believe the nerve of that Uber driver. Did you leave feedback, because others should really be warned to keep to the backseat (I’m from a family of New Yorkers, so I was fortunate enough to learn this at a young age).
    Thank you for taking a photo that showed that the Almond & Coconut bars are marked Kosher U! That means I can eat them. I am definitely going to have to try one.
    Glad Kind could help keep you healthy & full with your crazy sounding shedule. ^_^

    1. Tifa, I just love your comments. They make me feel so much better! No, I didn’t report the driver: mostly because I learned that the online review system can be partially accessed by the drivers (at least the rating) and I was admittedly nervous about that. You’re right, though, and I should write to the company. But at least I know now to treat Uber like I would any taxi! Good luck, Tifa!!

  12. Uuugh I’m sorry your life has been so trying lately (If it’s any consolation, I empathize completely!). Sometimes a good snack is all you need, and OMG that box looks like THE BEST snack. I had a really insane day last week during which I forgot/didn’t have time to eat lunch and around 4pm (ready to murder someone, mind you) I reached into my purse only to find the Blueberry Kind bar that was given to me by the wonderful Kind people (kind kind people?) at the train station that morning. Man was Kind a hero that day 🙂 Hope they have similar restorative powers for you!

    1. Thanks for your empathy, Nora! I definitely felt better after reading your comment–and I’m SO glad we had similar experiences! Aren’t the kind KIND folks just the best? And this is why we love working with them so much 🙂 I hope you treat yourself kindly and kick back this weekend–enjoy it, Nora!

  13. I’m excited to try Caramel Almond & Sea Salt and Almond and Coconut.

    1. GREAT choices, T.R.! Have an awesome weekend, and cheerios!

  14. I love KIND bars. From the list, I’d love to try the peanut butter dark chocolate the most. I bet it tastes yummy.

    1. Oho, great choice! I bet you’re a Reese’s cup fan just like me, eh? Great to meet you, Linda–good luck!

  15. I want to try Almond & Coconut

    1. Thanks, Carolsue–good luck!

  16. Caramel almond

    1. Great choices–best of luck, Manda!

  17. Girl, you dont’ even want to hear about my Uber stories – $40 is nothing compared to $150!!!!

    1. WHAT–that’s like, a Disneyland park hopper and then some!!!! Though admittedly, I was less worried about the cash and more about the awkwardness….

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