Wallflour Girl: New and Improved!

Being the highly observant person you are, I’m sure this fact doesn’t need declaring, but I’ll declare it anyway…

The new and spectacularly improved Wallflour Girl is up!




For the past three weeks or so, I have been agonizing about this moment. What if the site disintegrated into a sorry pile of turd because I got halfway done with re-coding and realized, dang, I haven’t a Blue’s clue what I’m doing?

Well, the moment has arrived, and no hardcore programmers’ guild has spontaneously combusted into flames. Yet. And I’ve still got a fully-functioning new site to boot!

After just a smidge over two years of blogging, I knew Wallflour Girl needed a Flour Power face lift. As I continue to meet tons of new bloggy friends like yourself (have you met some of my favs on my new Inspiration page?), and as I get more and more drawn in by the world of digital marketing, I have become obsessed with rebranding, graphic design, social smarts, and all that jazz. Hence the much-desired makeover!

It took weeks of hard work, learning CSS, pretending to know how to use that CSS, logo designing, font browsing, blog researching, and no small amount of these Pumpkin Pie Layer Cheesecake Bars to make it all come together in time…but it happened! In time for what, you ask? Ahh, well I can’t tell you that just yet, it’s


Etsy-Store-Logo copy


you know.

I mean really, shame on  you for even asking. (cough cough keep your eyes peeled and tastebuds ready for more exciting news on Oct. 10th! couuuuugh.)

There are so many features of this new design I really love, not least of all the custom banners, logos, and About Me tidbits hidden all around the site! I finally got to put my fourth grader’s art skills to the test and make fun banners for all my social channels–still testing out some wonky links, though.

Of course, one of my favorite elements is the header image I shared earlier featuring a spilled bag of flour with a flower logo. While I realize that at some point in time, I’ll look at it and think, blah, that needs updating! I am so happy that it pays omage to an important part of why I started blogging: I’m so comfortable writing to all of you from the safety of my desk! Talk about a wallflower/flour complex. You can read more about what I mean here in my brand new Meet Ala page, too!

And now with a bright color scheme and better organized, custom sections fit to burst on my blog, I feel like I can finally focus on what’s important: sharing fun, bright thoughts with all of you while finding any excuse to bake up a storm around here!

 I don’t doubt there are still a few small kinks that I’ll be working out over the next few days, but otherwise I couldn’t be happier to share this moment with all of you. Here’s to many more blogging adventures and wonderful journeys with the best folks I know: you!

Yeah, I’d raise an ice cream cone TWO ice cream cones to that. Cheers, and thank you all for all your AMAZING support!

Meet Ala 1



I’d love to hear what you think!

Everything you need to know about me…and more! on my new About page here.

Sponsors and friends: Now’s as good a time as any to get in touch with me! I love your emails!

Have you checked out my new, dazzling visual recipe index yet? It includes all my best recipes to date in easy-to-find format!



22 Replies to “Wallflour Girl: New and Improved!”

  1. I know I’ve been a little busy, but I just had to say the new look looks GREAT. Fun, whimsical and with it’s own style. Just like you. :O) I’m so happy to see you evolve and grow in doing something you love and are passionate about.

    Two cones up for all the wonderful things that are still coming your way in the future. O> O>


    1. T.R., your comment totally made my day! THANK you for your always super kind words–I am absolutely thrilled for the future. I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for you in the near future! <3

  2. Hi Ala, Your site looks fantastic! I love all of the improvements (not that I thought it needed improving)!:) You are a talented girl to be able to do all of this. I like your recipe page. I have been wanting to do something like that to my blog. Can’t wait to hear your other news!

    1. THANK you, Shari! You’re so sweet. And that reminds me, I need to do my check-in at your blog–I’ve been so behind on that 🙂 cheerio, and I can’t wait to talk more about the other news either!

  3. Your new site looks great! Congrats on this — playing with code can be scary, but you done good.

    1. Thanks, John! I was just wondering where you had gone off to the other day and blanched when I didn’t see any of your blog updates these past weeks. Welcome back 🙂

  4. WAHHH! So cute!!!!!! I love it 😀 Coding is so hard, you’ve done it so well!!!!

    1. Aww thaaaanks Shelley!! You’re the best! <3 I totally took some inspiration from the layout of your blog, just so you know!

  5. This is so beautiful Ala!! You are extremely talented girl So glad you made this yourself…amazing!!! And I cannot wait for the shop to launch!!! And to try the sweets 🙂

    1. I can’t wait for you to try them either! Ahhhh, yayy! I’m so lucky <3

  6. Ala, I love your new website! It’s the perfect fit for you! Your visual recipe index is so mouthwatering. And looking at all your inspirations, I can say that we have a lot in common! And you’re about to launch an Etsy shop? I’m so excited to see what surprise in store? Did you know CSS before you redesigned your site? Because the site looks soo amazing! So excited for you! And I can’t wait until October 10th! =)

    1. Andrea, you’re the best! I have very, VERY basic knowledge of CSS, but it’s really limited to some syntax and stuff–mostly I had to learn on the fly and watch a bunch of Youtube videos, plus there’s a great CSS/HTML learning site that my friend sent me. I can’t wait until Oct 10th either–I’ll see you around then, I’d love to send you stuff you know!! You’re up in the bay, isn’t the right? 🙂 not too far to ship, heh! <3

  7. Girl, I LOVE your new blog design! I can’t freaking wait to spend a few hours combing through all the new features. As you know, I’ve been inundated at work but I’ll be sure to carve out some time as soon as I can. Congrats, lady! And I’m excited about your new Etsy store. I don’t know how you do it all. You’re an inspiration to me! Now, go ‘n git those ice cream cones!

    1. Don’t even worry about it, though I’m excited for you to browse when you can! I seriously wanted to ship to Canada just for you. Seriously. But I looked up prices and WHAT: with the $49 or something it takes to get a package to you, I’d probably be better off mailing you an e-coupon to the nearest supermarket of something. Anyyyyyway, it’ll happen at some point. Thanks so much for being an awesome support–I can’t wait for the 10th either, I’ll send out a reminder or something to spread the word if you’re willing 🙂

  8. BEAUTIFUL new look!! And your banner is fabulous!! I hope you are thrilled…as I just love it!!!

    1. Ohh, thrilled is understatement of the century, Liz. THANK you!

  9. The new design is fabulous! Congrats on all the exciting new adventures too!

    1. Thanks so much, Barbara–can’t wait to have you along for the ride in the coming weeks!

  10. LOVE the new blog design. . and oh my gawd, can’t wait for the Etsy shop?!! so cool. . CONGRATS!!!!

    1. Omgosh me neither. I’m counting down the hours until the 10th…nervously, but excitedly! I can’t wait to have you on board for that adventure–thanks Alice!!

  11. Woohoo, love the new blog design Ala! It looks amazing and soooo purdy!!! Congrats and on the Etsy shop too girl 🙂 Way to go on all the coding and hours put in for designing – I totally feel ya girl 🙂 Can’t wait to check out everything!

    1. Omigosh, thanks Kelly! I’m super excited, too <3 I can't wait to have you on board these coming weeks!

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