Picnic Perfect Cauliflower Salad for #SundaySupper


Considering it’s been 90+ degrees for the past two weeks already, to say we’re in “springtime” might be something of a misnomer. Scorching heats and sunny pool days? Summertime, I’m ready. So I say

Bring. It. ON. 


But the sad, sad reality is that despite my summertime excitement, the orbital progress of Earth around the sun isn’t quite ready for me yet. I hear that in some parts of the northern hemisphere, spring is actually happening! We were visiting Seattle last week and there were nothing but miles of blue sky overhead–guess we brought the Cali weather with us:

seattle 1

As it turns out, either Seattleans have really got their A-game going or I’m just woefully ignorant of the froyo options available in my home state, because this wonderful frozen yogurt place named Menchie’s carries a Cookie Butter flavored froyo. I must’ve stood there eating my weight in free samples until my friends had to tear me away from the machine–because if you’ve ever tasted the aromatic nectar known as cookie butter, you’ll know what I’m talking about and forgive my rudeness instantly. Right?


seattle 2

Of course, we spent the first spring days eating our way through Seattle. One of my friends lives nearby, so he took us for an absolutely fabulous dinner at a pizza joint called Serious Pie, where I ordered a mushroom truffle cheese pizza that was off the charts. Also, my seatmate on the flight over was a Seattle native, so we spent a better part of two hours chatting about all the good eats and obscure gems hidden throughout the city. Among her many recommendations was this Russian bakery known as Piroshky Piroshky, located at the heart of Pike Place Market and specializing in the best savory breads around.

When I asked the man behind the counter whether I should get the Garlic Cheese Roll or the “famous” Potato Cheese Bread, he didn’t even hesitate before he stuffed the first one in my bag and asked me if I wanted anything else:

seattle 4

Like dutiful tourists, we also made sure to get our fair share of donuts. One of my good local friends recommended Top Pot for insanely good donuts, and we weren’t disappointed (though really, whom among us has ever met a donut that disappoints? I sure haven’t!). I ordered a Salted Caramel Old-Fashioned Glazed Cake Donut on the first day, and an enormous apple fritter on the second:

seattle 3

And of course, no Seattle trip is complete without a visit to the original Starbucks coffee shop! Granted, neither one of us actually drinks coffee, soooo it seemed weird to wait in line for a full 30 minutes just to get Starbucks juice refreshers–but for novelty’s sake, let’s say it was amazing. Plus, after waiting out in the spring Seattle sunshine for so long, we were pretty thirsty anyway:

seattle 5

After working our mouths through basically every eatery we could manage to fit into our bellies  busy schedules, though, it’s nice to be back and making some balancing life choices for the plate again. One of them was this picnic perfect cauliflower salad to kick off the spring–granted, it’s drenched in the most amazing mayo-based dressing, but veggies in anything at this point is a plus! I love fried dough as much as the next gal, but vegetables–especially sweet & tangy ones like this salad–really are my calling.

Add a few raisins and sunflower seeds, and I’d say we’re in springtime business.



Hope you’re all having a splendid start to the spring!


What about you: what exciting trips or eats do you have planned for this springtime?


Picnic Perfect Cauliflower Salad for #SundaySupper

Picnic Perfect Cauliflower Salad for #SundaySupper

This picnic perfect cauliflower salad is the perfect change of pace from your typical broccoli salad--plus it's every bit as simple to make! Just toss the ingredients together and wow your potluck attendees with this salad.


  • 1 medium head cauliflower, washed and chopped into florets
  • 1/2 cup raisins
  • 1 cup sunflower seeds
  • 1 1/2 cups mayonnaise
  • 5 tablespoons white sugar
  • 1/3 cup rice vinegar


  1. Place cauliflower, raisins, and sunflower seeds into a large mixing bowl.
  2. In a separate small bowl, combine mayo, sugar, and vinegar.
  3. Pour dressing over cauliflower and mix in until evenly coated. Cover salad and store in refrigerator for at least 3 hours before eating (the more time you give it to absorb the dressing, the better it will taste!).


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77 Replies to “Picnic Perfect Cauliflower Salad for #SundaySupper”

  1. Great salad for a picnic or anytime!

    1. Agreed! Thanks so much, Renee–happy Sunday!

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  13. I cannot wait to visit Seattle again—only 6 more months! Now I have some new spots to check out 🙂 LOVE this cauliflower salad—I made a broccoli version a month ago, and need to shake up the veggies like you did!!!
    P.S. Send some of that heat my way!

    1. Ooh, yes do visit all of those! What’s your favorite place? We might visit again soon 🙂 sending plenty of heat vibes your way!

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  15. Love a good cauliflower salad! I’m ready for summer too. Your trip to Seattle sounds so nice – it’s among the places I’m considering when I finally get to move.

    1. Doing anything fun this summer? 🙂 hope it’s a sunny one for you! And I know, Seattle’s a pretty nice place to live if you don’t end up picking Cali!

  16. Looks nice, like trad broccoli salad, but with a nicer color! Great post!

    1. Yeah, the white does wonders! A mix of both is even better, IMO 😉 have a great week, Sue!

  17. Great looking spring salad and that roll and donut are making me nutty!!

    1. Hehe, yes Tara–I’m totally torn between the donuts and the salad photos too. Probably wasn’t a great idea to include them in the same post, whoops 😉 have a great Sunday!

  18. This does sound like a great side salad to be used with spring time picnicking. Thanks for sharing it!

    1. Yeah, thanks a bundle! I hope you get to go a-picnickin’ soon, Terri 🙂 have a great Sunday!

  19. One of my favorite salads whether using cauliflower, broccoli or some of each.

    1. Some of each would be so pretty! Great idea, Wendy 🙂

  20. Wow I am torn between saying I am jealous about your weather and being glad I don’t have it. I love a love hate relationship with 90 degree weather. But I do miss Cali so I will say I am jealous irregardless. 🙂

    1. Haha, not a bad problem to have, right? Aww. I didn’t know you were from here! Down south or up north?

  21. I used to have a broccoli salad exactly like this; I don’t know why I never thought to use cauliflower! This looks yummy!

    1. A combo of both works wonders too! The variety is the best, and I actually love how soft the cauliflower gets compared to broccoli. Happy Wednesday, Val!

  22. I love all things cauliflower! I’m definitely going to give your recipe a whirl!

    1. Ohh DO, Jen! You’re going to love this! xoxo

  23. Not 90 degrees here (yet!) but it’ll arrive soon enough. And this will be perfect for a nice, lazy summer picnic. Great way to jazz up cauliflower — thanks.

    1. Ooh, wishing you some awesome sunny days, then! My St. Louis friend tells me it’s been quite nice lately. Cheers!

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  27. I’ve never made a cauliflower salad; though I’ve only really started liking cauliflower over the last several years. I can’t wait to try this one in the coming months.

    1. Yeah, go cauliflower crazy, Carrie! So glad you’re clambering on board the cauliflower train–I assure you, it’s a darn tasty one 😉

  28. Love that you had so much fun here! The weather was gorgeous the last few weekends, I just wish it would have lasted longer! Looks like you had fun and I love your salad!

    1. Ohh, I bet you’re a Seattle gal, huh! It was incredible, please thank your city for me for being so crazy hospitable 🙂 thanks a bunch, Serena–hopping over to your blog now!

  29. We’ve been having the most amazing winter in the pacific north west! Apparently, it’s the warmest one on record (which is lovely for us but scary in terms of what it means for global warming). Everything you ate on your trip sounds amazing! I’ve been to Seattle a zillion times but have never visited Piroshky Piroshky, Top Pot or Serious Pie. What is wrong with me?!?! I’m hitting each of those spots in my next visit. This cauliflower salad sounds absolutely delicious! You can’t go wrong with mayo drenched veggies 😉

    1. Girl, you HAVE to go. Especially to Piroshky Piroshky, which is right on Pike Place. You’d love it 🙂 I’m sad we didn’t get to meet up this time, but I hope you do take a vacation there soon! And yes, the weather was kiiiiinda amazing, not gonna lie–apparently we brought the Cali spirit with us because it was thunderstorming on the days bookending our trip! Crazyyy.

  30. Love the idea of cauliflower instead of potatoes!

    1. Oh, it’s such a good sub! Not as starchy, either 🙂 thanks, Bobbi!!!

  31. Diana @DandelionGreensBlog says: Reply

    What a fun trip… omgoodness that cheese roll looks amazing! And great recipe! I’m all about salads like this for picnics 🙂

    1. YES, oh my gosh Diana–even mentioning that roll gets me drooling again. Darn me for not buying more! And cheers to picnic salads 🙂 hope you’re having a sunny week!

  32. OMG! I love Seattle and thought of moving there many times. First, let’s talk about this mushroom truffle cheese pizza – that does sound incredible. But let’s not forget your cauliflower salad because that makes my meal even better! And 90+ weather? Phew…so glad I’m back in sunny SF 🙂

    1. Really?! I bet Seattle is pretty close to SF in weather though–I was just there yesterday and both places were totally comparable! Perfectly sunny and perfectly warm. Apparently it was aberrant weather though 😉 we were really lucky, because it was thunderstorming before and after we went. Cheers to SF though–seriously!

  33. What an interesting take on a spring salad, looks good!

    1. Thanks a bundle, Shaina!

  34. What a luscious sauce this is! And your photos are lovely! Crazy warm here in NorCal too 🙂 It was even warm in Tahoe!!

    1. Oh wow, you went to Tahoe?? Lucky!! I’ve been meaning to visit again soon before the snow melts, but I never got around to it…next year, though! Stay cool! (What a strange thing to say during the start of spring though, right?)

  35. Sounds like such a fun trip! I’m fairly new to cauliflower (hated it as a kid) but this salad looks amazing!

    1. TOTALLY in the same boat as you, Julie–I hated cauliflower growing up too! Blech. But really, anything smothered in sweet mayo is my cup of tea, so I’m sure you’ll like it as much as we do!

  36. This looks delicious. I love the ingredients you have used to create this perfect cauliflower salad – I can’t wait to make this and that potato roll looks to die for !!

    1. Ami, I’d give SO MUCH right now to go back for another dozen of those rolls! Seriously, I die. But I’m glad you like the salad–I’ll compromise and settle for it right now, I suppose 😉 have an awesome week!!

  37. I have cauliflower on hand, I can’t wait to try this salad!

    1. I hear you, Cindy–I hope you go for it! Have a fab weekend!

  38. Food vacays are the best kind! We just got back from a few big ones (Disney World, Vegas and Disneyland), and I totally feel you on the need to chow on some veggies right now. A big cauliflower salad may just be calling my name. 😉

    1. OH, you lucky duck, Joy!! I hope (and trust) you enjoyed yourself immensely 😀 those have got to constitute the best combination of vacation destinations ever! Sending my best wishes and some of this virtual salad your way 🙂

  39. What cheesey goodness! This would be perfect to eat on a rainy spring day!

    1. You’re totally right about that, Krayl–thanks so much!

  40. Um, how am I just hearing about your Seattle trip now? I live on the east side of Lake Washington. You should have emailed me.

    1. What?! Oh man…this is what I get for not checking in with you sooner. Sorry to have missed you, but rest assured that I loved your city! It was sunshiney the whole time, which is apparently an anomaly but it totally won me over.

  41. This would be great with broccoli, too. I’d love to try it with a mix – my husband thinks he doesn’t like cauliflower. Silly.

    1. Silly silly indeed! I think the mix is the best way to go–best of both worlds! Have an awesome week, Lauren.

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