Easy DIY Peanut Butter Honey Greek Yogurt Scoops

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Have you ever heard that saying, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”?

Well, I’ve got a will–so can we pleeeeeease just have a few more weeks of summer? Please?

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Not that I have any reason to complain: here in the southern locales, the sun is still beaming and the temperature these days ranges from a svelte high 80s to a sweat-bullet-projecting low 100s…

But then again, who ever needed a REAL reason to gripe anyway? If we all waited for legitimate concerns to crop up before we started moaning and groaning about them, I’d never get to embark on all of my crazy life rants about schoolwork and parents and professors and cookie drama and everything else that makes up 100% 70% of my discussions here, and let’s face it: nobody wants to spend all day reading about my picture perfect imaginary world record winning collection of stuffed animals…

(well, except maybe me)

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The absurdly high end-of-summer temps is one of the big reasons why I’m still reluctant to go anywhere near my oven, even though it’s already the first week of September. My parents visited the other day and practically blew the lid of the place off in annoyance because I turned on the oven on the hottest evening of the week, so the whole place felt like the brimstone-and-flames inner core of Mount Doom…

So I’m sticking to no-bake snacks & bites for now. Which brings me to this awesome, creamy, protein-filled, no-bake, & Mount-Doom-free snack.

Haaaaave you met yogurt?

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When the lovely folks at Chobani reached out to me about whipping up a summer celebration recipe with their iconic yogurt as part of their #MadeWithChobani series, I just had to say yes. I’m kind of a diehard fan of their Greek yogurt–

and by kind of, I mean the “kind of” that you say when your in-laws ask you if you love chocolate cake and you say “kind of” just so that you don’t seem like that person who’s going to eat them out of cake and home, but in reality you love chocolate cake so “kind of” is kind of a really big lie.

Except this is Greek yogurt we’re talking about, which is healthy and pretty much the pinnacle of clean breakfast/snacktime/dessert awesomeness, so



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I ultimately decided to whip up and share one of my all-time favorite, easy Greek yogurt snack recipes: Peanut Butter Honey Greek Yogurt Scoops! With just 4 ingredients and a prep time of exactly 60 seconds in the food processor, I keep a tub of this on hand all the time as a post-workout and protein-packed brekkie/snack option–or, you guessed it, healthy dessert (it’s just thick enough with the added PB/honey to scoop like ice cream)! Especially these days, when my awesome friend F and I are in the middle of our sugar-free self-challenge month (say what? thanks, F!).

Anyway, you’ll have to excuse me while I go mop my brow over another hot night and dream about more cool-off recipes. I’m drooling over this whole list of yogurt recipes already. Maybe by our powers combined, our collective wills can convince summer to stay a little bit longer…

(Until that lucky day when the universe actually decides to listen, though, you bet your fancy pants I’m going the no-bake route like it’s gonna be summer forever!)

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 What’s your favorite yogurt-inspired breakfast/snack?

Easy DIY Peanut Butter Honey Greek Yogurt Scoops

Easy DIY Peanut Butter Honey Greek Yogurt Scoops

A perfectly satisfying and healthy snack for your on-the-go days: I keep a tub of this yogurt in my fridge at all times! It's protein-packed and takes exactly 1 minute to whip together in a food processor.


  • 2 cups Chobani 0% Greek Yogurt (original)
  • 4-5 tablespoons peanut butter
  • 2-3 tablespoons honey
  • Dash of cinnamon


  1. Combine all ingredients in a food processor and blend until smooth, scraping down sides as needed.



24 Replies to “Easy DIY Peanut Butter Honey Greek Yogurt Scoops”

  1. Can you believe I’ve never tried Greek yogurt? But now that I realize that I can put peanut butter and honey in it, I think it is TME!

    1. Whaaaat, Kate–I totally hope you do get to try it! The PB and honey makes it DELISH, even for folks who are (initially) anti-Greek yogurt! 😀

  2. I kind of want this as my after work snack every day!

    1. Done done and done 😀

  3. I wish summer would last longer too! Where did it go?

    We are also having a mini heat wave, happens every September. So I am very much in need of cold comforting scoops of peanut butter with honey and yogurt!

    1. Ooooh, yes I hear it’s HOT in your neck of the woods lately, Deb! Good luck keeping cool! This one’s definitely a good cool-down snack 😀

  4. girl, I love this peanut butter honey greek yogurt and hope the weather cools off for you soon!!! yeah, I can’t stand hot weather. stay cool, Ala!

    1. Gaah–yes, thanks Alice, you’re the best! Happy post-Labor Day!

  5. Oh myyy I love chobani. That’s my favorite brand *wink wink* And this peanut butter honey greek yogurt scoops sounds like a fun idea, especially when it’s over 100F outside.

    1. hehe! YAY for Chobani love, and seriously–it’s so hot outside right now, hopefully it’s much cooler in good ol’ SF!

  6. It’s still really hot here this week too so this honey greek yogurt sounds like the perfect treat to hang on to summer a little while longer! Love the peanut butter in here!

    1. ooooh wishing for some cooler weather for you guys, Kelly! This snack is great for that though 🙂

  7. Now that’s my kind of snack!

    1. wheeeeee ditto, ditto!!

  8. I don’t like straight up peanut butter, but mix it with some honey and yogurt and I’m ALL in!! What a delicious treat 🙂

    1. bIt’s crazy how much this snack satisfies both PB fanatics and non-lovers alike! Yay Liz–have a wonderful week filled with treats!

  9. Love this peanut butter honey Greek yogurt, Ala! The perfect summer treat to cool down with! Wish the summer would last longer, excited for more of your no-bake recipes! 😀

    1. Yaaaaas, the no-bakes are coming whether it’s summer or not! Hope you’re having a lovely week, gal!

  10. You know what, Ala, I love and eat so much PB, yogurt and honey – separately! Now I’ve tried yogurt and honey before but not PB too – what a great idea this is! I cannot wait to try this this evening!

    1. yes yes yes, Shashi! I’ve tried honey and yogurt before, and I’m not that big of a fan…but THIS one takes the cake! Or breakfast 🙂 have a lovely weekend!

  11. I love how easy this is Ala! We absolutely ADORE honey in our yogurt so I know my boys will be ALL over this 🙂 Awesome!

    1. What lucky boys, I’m pretty envious 😉 hope they love it, Trish!

  12. Now I can snack of this forever, you have pretty much combined all my favorite things into 1 amazing snack! Love it! Have a great weekend Ala! 🙂

    1. That’s exactly why I love this snack so much too, Manali! Sounds like you’ve got great taste 😉 cheers to us!

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