The Cutest V-Day Idea: Custom Stickers & Baked Goods for Someone You Love!

Guys, HI. So y’all know that I love Valentine’s Day as a matter of principle–who doesn’t love a day all about the importance of love?–but this year I am beyond excited to share one of the most adorable V-Day ideas I have ever seen. Yes, I’m talking about these insanely cute–and did I mention customized?–labels that I’m using this year for all of my V-day baked goodies!

Valentine's Day Stickers 2--020617

If there’s one thing my friends know about me, it’s that I’m always looking for new ways to make holidays (and really any occasion) extra special through gifting. So when the amazing folks at StickerYou reached out to tell me all about their sweet selection of custom stickers, jar and bottle labels, and a whole slate of other creative personalized decorating items, and offered to send me a custom set to try, I squealed. I jumped for joy and did a little jig. Then I pretended to compose myself, said yes with admirable adult-like calmness, and giddily started whipping up a few designs for printing. And, oh my gosh–their whole team was so crazy personable and efficient: within a few days, my designs had been set to scale and printed on these thick, gorgeous glossy pages. (If you’re anything like me, you’d just love the beautifully-set, high-quality sheets of paper that they use!). And there may have been audible hallelujah choruses when I spread them all out together on my tabletop for the first time yesterday afternoon…

Best of all, all of the sticker labels I designed contain quintessentially wry Ala humor, complete with a few fanti-romance jabs for my friends who aren’t big fans of V-day! They just scream “personalized,” and I couldn’t adore them more. Here’s the full, lovely set:

Valentine's Day Stickers 3--020617

In case you can’t read them in this small picture (though they’re crystal clear in real life!), the print from left to right says:

– To: _______        From: Your Not-So-Secret Enabler

– You look pretty (darn hungry hungry right now, here eat this!)

– Eat Sweets (& Stay Sweet): Happy Valentine’s Day

– And the final two pages…

Valentine's Day Stickers 4--020617

Valentine's Day Stickers 5--020617

Amazing, no???

As if I wasn’t giddy enough to be adding these beautiful touches of whimsy and fun to this year’s V-Day sweet deliveries–my friends who’ve seen them have gotten SUCH a kick out of them so far–I’m thrilled to say that the wonderful folks at StickerYou are offering all of you dear readers an exclusive promo code for your own customized labels! Simply use the code WG10 at checkout before the end of February for a 10% discount on your order. And while Valentine’s Day is as great an excuse as any to get something adorable printed, these labels would be perfect for any special occasion: birthdays, Easter, weddings (omg I’m definitely gifting my favorite engaged couple some of these for their May wedding!), and beyond!

Pretty sweet, eh? I know <3

Will you be sharing any special gifts with your loved ones this year? How will you be spending your V-day?

Whatever you decide to do, sending lots of love and labels your way–may your day be filled with laughter, sweet treats, and sexy personalized pages of gorgeous stickers 😉

Valentine's Day Stickers 6--020617

What sticker or label would you love to see printed? (Make it a reality right here, right now!)



7 Replies to “The Cutest V-Day Idea: Custom Stickers & Baked Goods for Someone You Love!”

  1. Super cute! Happy V day Ala!

    1. Thank you, Deb–happy V-day to you, too!

  2. Awww…super cute labels. Does it come with your delicious cookies? I’ll be sure to check it out. It’s time to share some sweet stuff.

  3. Fun stuff! Happy Valentine’s Day!

    1. Thanks, John–happy V-day!

  4. I think you are a pretty swell human being… LOVE THIS!!! I reckon these would translate any day, right?! Great idea, and looks like you made it super cool. Now…. I am off to send messages to all my friends right this very minute reminding them in an extra creepy way just how swell they are. Lol!

  5. LOVE how fun these packages look! Who wouldn’t want to receive one of these on Valentine’s Day? Or Mardi Gras, Easter….anytime!!!

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