The Best Blondies for #SundaySupper

Quick Etsy shop announcement: this month’s new featured item is my Coconut Rum White Chocolate Blondie: perfect for pre-holiday season gifting! If you’re looking for other thoughtful gifts, you can browse my whole selection and learn more about the shop’s history here!

Best Blondies 2--110214

It’s clear what kind of a spinster I will be: not an old batty cat lady (I’m allergic to cats), but a decrepit little woman who bakes Coconut Rum Blondies at 4 AM after finishing a terrible Ginnifer Goodwin rom-com alone on my couch.

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A BIG Announcement: My Etsy Shop Launch + Giveaway! #WGshop

For a while, this announcement was a fat secret, which obviously means it’s not secret since I have been leaking you little hints on Instagram and Twitter and over here about this moment for weeks now (subtle, right? right). This is probably one of the most thrilling, nervous, weirdly satisfying moments of my meaningful adult life since I started blogging, so I’ll just say it:


Etsy-Store-Logo open now

Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy: but here’s my Etsy…so order maybe? 😉


Etsy Shop Screenshot 1

What is the Wallflour Girl Etsy

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