Strawberry Smoothie Cubes {+ 3 Ways to Enjoy Them} for @WilliamsSonoma Smoothie Week

Strawberry Smoothie Cubes 11--120814

Winter is coming!

Here in California, we’ve been saying this for about 11 months now, and winter still has not come. I don’t think it has visited our neck of the woods since about the Ice Age, and even then I suspect it let us off easy.

Strawberry Smoothie Cubes 12--120814

This is lucky because my running shoes have been pounding the pavement quite a bit lately. Yesterday, I did a(n excruciatingly mellow) 13-mile run through Beverly Hills, jogging through posh Museum Row, the highly upscale Rodeo Drive, and making a pit stop at my favorite Harry Potter and Dr. Who-themed store, Whimsic Alley. I even ran a few circles around neighborhoods where celebrity homes are reportedly nestled–I did a Google search for fun and found that the web actually does a surprisingly good job keeping their exact locations Unplottable, probably for the better.

The most exciting creature I encountered was a black cat blinking at me from inside a gated house that looked like a 15th-century Spanish castle–though I did keep pretty good pace when another runner and I kept hitting the same traffic lights….until he turned around at mile 3 after informing me that “that was about as much as he was good for, though being chased by a pretty girl made him wish he could go further.” Don’t we all, chump. Don’t we all.

By the end of my run, I was sweating bullets and infinitely glad I’d donned a sleeveless. I’m not sure my tank top/beach shop attire would stand the 30-below weather some of you are experiencing right now, though. What’s it like in your neck of the woods? Feel free to shame my sun-tanned California bum…

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The delay of true winter can only mean one thing around here: smoothie season. When Williams-Sonoma reached out to me asking whether I’d like to participate in their Smoothie Week–and to create the weirdest or most unconventional smoothie I could come up with–of course I was all hands on board!

As  a wannabe runner but all-around pretty active person, I’m always looking for ways to make my on-the-go life easier. I love smoothies, but sometimes between my hour-long workout in the morning and the start of a school day, I don’t have time (or frankly, the motivation) to whip out the blender, wash things, grind everything up, and  carry a huge cup  to class. So what’s the best way to portable-ify smoothies?

Cubes. And not just boring, here-are-smoothies-as-popsicles cubes. Cubes you can use in three fun ways to liven up your breakfast routine!

Strawberry Smoothie Cubes 14--120814

Smoothie Cube Method #1: The Smoothie Pop

Okay okay, I know I just said that these smoothie cubes weren’t your run-of-the-mill popsicle. But popsicles are yummy and easy and healthy, and I actually love that these bite-sized beauties pop right into your mouth for a post-dinner snack. Or an early morning wake-me-up. Or an I-am-awesome-I-deserve-this reward.

This is your smoothie pop. You do you!

Strawberry Smoothie Cubes 6--120814

Smoothie Cube Method #2: The Chunky Smoothie Milk Bowl

If you’re a fan of smoothie bowls, smoothie cubes are the perfect way to go. Simply drop two (or three, or four) cubes into a bowl or cup, then add vanilla soy milk. After a few minutes, when your cubes have begun to soften, use a spoon and crush up the cubes, blending them with the milk.

Voila! Instant smoothie, without any of the waiting or work!

(Because let’s be honest: smoothies are a lazy girl’s meal option, and I’m a total proponent of making them as lazy as possible.)

Strawberry Smoothie Cubes 2--120814

Smoothie Cube Method #3: The Smoothie Cube Granola Bowl

This is my favorite way to enjoy my smoothie cubes (proof: I just went through a huge bowl this morning and could not stop myself!). Simply do what you did in Method #2, except this time you get to top it off with granola and enjoy it with a spoon.

Whatever option you choose, you’ll feel great knowing you’re eating healthy and managed to cheat life by taking the total lazy fool’s way out. Now it’s your turn:

 How would you shmooze with your smoothie cube?


Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. Williams-Sonoma reached out to me about participating in their Smoothie Week round-up. All opinions expressed in this post are, as always, 100% mine!

Strawberry Smoothie Cubes {+ 3 Ways to Enjoy Them} for @WilliamsSonoma Smoothie Week

Strawberry Smoothie Cubes {+ 3 Ways to Enjoy Them} for @WilliamsSonoma Smoothie Week

A fun, creative, easy way to enjoy your smoothie on the go! Just freeze up a batch of smoothie cubes and pop them out whenever you need them. Whether you want to eat them in a granola bowl, as a chunky smoothie drink, or just as a quick frozen bite, you'll love these portable delights! (Note: If you want a change of pace, you can also use your own favorite smoothie recipe!)


  • 10 frozen strawberries
  • 1 cup vanilla soy milk
  • 1/4 cup plain yogurt (I used nonfat Greek)
  • Additional vanilla soy milk + granola (optional)


  1. Place strawberries, 1 cup soy milk, and yogurt in a blender. Blend until smooth.
  2. Divide evenly into an ice tray. Freeze for at least 3 hours, then pop out and enjoy
  3. Chunky smoothie bowl option: Place 2 smoothie cubes into a cup with 2/3 cup vanilla soy milk. Crush the cubes and enjoy with a straw or a spoon!
  4. Smoothie granola bowl option: Make the chunky smoothie bowl, then top with granola and enjoy with a spoon!



20 Replies to “Strawberry Smoothie Cubes {+ 3 Ways to Enjoy Them} for @WilliamsSonoma Smoothie Week”

  1. I absolutely love this, Ala. I’m not a fan of water so I’m always looking for other beverages to quench my thirst. And these smoothie cubes are so cute and perfect. we’re starting to feel winter here in the Bay Area. It’s finally raining! And as much as I hate getting wet, especially when I’m headed to work on the bus, I know we need it so I can’t complain much. I’d just prefer it to storm while I’m under a nice cozy roof.

    1. Aww yeah I hear you guys are having a rainstorm starting today, right? I guess I shouldn’t complain at all since I usually CAN stay in all day when it’s pouring outside…love the pitter-patter of the rain while I’m sipping a cup of hot tea! At any rate, smoothies feel out of place but so totally perfect as well. Stay dry, girl!

  2. Smoothing cubes? Very original! Love the idea — much fun. Thanks.

    1. Thanks a bundle, John!

  3. strawberry smoothie cubes!!!! what a genius idea. also, running adventures with witchy black cats! this is a post of joy.

    1. hahaha I love how you came to the conclusion about “a post of joy.” Black cats and running adventures? Heck yeahhhh!

  4. I ran in the low 30s the other day and it required multiple layers AND a hat AND gloves. And I still didn’t warm up until mile 2 or so. Oh to be in Cali! Drinking smoothie pops!

    1. Oh my GOD girl, you’re crazy!! I can’t run outside when it’s less than 60 degrees, no joke. I get in that icky state where if I wear too much, I’ll be freezing AND sweaty and gross inside all at the same time, so props to you for not letting the weather deter you…..I guess I really am a Cali girl at heart 😉

  5. Yum! Smoothie granola sounds amazing for breakfast. I used to live in West LA, too…not too far from the neighborhood you mentioned 🙂

    1. Such a small world, Linda! Do you mind me asking where this mythic neighborhood is located? 😉 You can even email/PM it to me, I am DYING to find out! (I’m not trying to be all paparazzi, I swear–I really do just want to know what a gated celeb neighborhood looks like!)

  6. Love the idea that the smoothie cubes are ready to use at ant time. In the month of December there is never enough time!

    1. Deb, you’re so right–December is CRAZY. I hope your month is going slightly less crazy and lots more jolly!

  7. I want to go running with you! Of course, by mile 3, I might be hailing a taxi 🙂 Love these smoothie cubes…especially #3 with the granola topping. I’d be happy with a bowl for breakfast and lunch!

    1. Move over and make room, because I think I could use a taxi on my runs these days 😀 you bring the fare and I’ll bring granola bowls to share!

  8. Oh my gosh, your winter weather sounds awesome! It snowed here today and is supposed to again tomorrow. The cold won’t stop me from enjoying these smoothie pops though! Love how portable they are – such a brilliant idea!

    1. Oh gosh, yes–I forget that some parts of the world actually have weather! We just went through a “big” rainstorm and there are hashtags about it popping up all over the place. I think #hellastorm was one of them, hehe. Oh, California!

  9. I have never seen smoothie cubes before so starting from square one here 😛
    Love that they are ready to go!

    Choc Chip Uru

    1. Haha! I spent a good minute trying to figure out whether you were being punny when you said “square” one (like a smoothie cube? No?). Anyway, I think you’re punderful either way…whoo!

  10. This is such a good idea!! I’m going to try it soon 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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